Free Range Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed Beef

Our beef cattle are free range grass fed on on a 21 day rotation. Which means less chemicals.

We supply Canberra ACT and Far South Coast of NSW (within 3 hrs of our location) with quality meat grown fresh on our farm.

Grass Fed Free Range Beef Direct to your door

Contact us:

WH & HL Salway
P.O. Box 5094
Cobargo NSW 2550

Phone A/H:
(02) 64937281

(02) 64937281




Eco Friendly Mudbrick House Self Contained Accommodation

Fresh Beef delivered to your door

Customers can choose either from full bodies or half sides (approx 80 to 100kg) which are 8 to 10 month old vealers. Cut to your chosen selection by our local butcher therefore you receive every cut of meat.

Mini packs and 1/4 packs available also

Picturesque Wandella Valley Cobargo NSW

Quality Beef

Our Beef is processed at a registered NSW abattoir and is cut and packed in our registered premises on farm

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Welcome to Solly's Bulk Meat, we are 5th generation farmers and our property is West of Cobargo in the beautiful Wandella Valley. Cobargo is situated in the beautiful Bega Valley, home of Bega Cheese on the far South Coast of New South Wales.

Are you tired of buying meat from the big outlets. If you are then it is time to buy from Solly's Bulk Meat as we have only the best Quality meat.

Free Range Quality Grass Fed Beef

How do we know this. It's simply

  1. We grow the cattle ourselves
  2. Cattle are 8-10 months of age
  3. We handle our cattle with care
  4. They graze on good pastures
  5. We do not truck them to saleyards - less stress
  6. They go direct to the Abattoirs
  7. Cut up by qualified butchers
  8. All health inspections carried out by NSW Meat Inspectors


We deliver from Eden to Nowra on the South Coast into Canberra through Braidwood and Cooma. Our meat is delivered in a refrigerated vehicle, our prices include delivery.

Price of meat packs start from:

  • Mini packs Beef $14.50kg approx 16kg from $232
  • 1/4 Packs Beef $14kg approx 36kg from $504
  • Sides of Beef $9.50kg dressed weight Sides from $807
  • Full Lambs $12kg dressed from$240
  • Pork $11kg Sides from $330
Delivering to Canberra, Cooma, South Coast, Nowra to Eden.

Picturesque Wandella Valley Cobargo Bega Valley NSW

Our property name is Wandella for obvious reasons.

Wandella is a picturesque valley surrounded by great mountain views. Our farm is 530 Acres set at the foot of Wandella Mountain, to the west is Peak Alone Mountain which can be seen from the sea port of Bermagui.

Our farm is a well balanced farm of rolling hills, and lots of trees for shade for our cattle. We also lease another 1000 acres which is in the Cobargo area. Cobargo is also becoming a place for fine Wine.

The property that we lease in Cobargo has a vineyard and is becoming well known for its label which is Rusty Fig. This wine compliments our quality beef. There are also another 2 vineyards in the area, Belgrave Park and Mimosa Rocks.

Quality Breeding

On our land we run up to 200 breeding stock which means we have a good supply of calves throughout the year. Our cattle are very quiet, due to our farming methods. Our cattle are moved everyday into fresh paddocks with a 21 day rotation. The reason for a 21 day rotation is to allow our pasture to regrow to the best it can and to control parasites, so we do not need to use any drenches. This means our cattle are growing naturally on pasture without the use of hormones, antibiotics and rumen manipulators.

Also our breed program is a big help. Our cattle are Angus, Black Baldy and Simmental Cross Cows. We use Simmental Bulls to join our cows. Simmental Cattle are a dual purpose breed, which means they produce a lot of milk and are also top meat yield cattle thus producing top vealers. Simmental is a European breed.

Reasons for Starting Direct Marketing of our own cattle are as follows

  • Low returns at the Saleyards- $1.50 - $1.60 per kg but when you purchase meat from Supermarkets, butchers you pay $25.00 - $30.00kg for steak
  • We have seen our income going down and farm costs increasing
  • We believe we can make a good return for a Quality product and help out the consumer.
  • We believe if we do not market our own meat no one else will.
  • We have 4 children and this is the only viable way they may be able to carry on farming on our property in the future as 6th generation farmers


I am also passionate about breeding stud quality Simmental cattle and established my own stud "WANDELLA PARK SIMMENTALS". I have bulls and heifers of different ages available if you are interested.

Thank you for visiting Solly's Bulk Meat we are a family owned business raising Beef Cattle near Cobargo on the Far South Coast of NSW.